Mikati condemns southern suburb explosion: Israeli attempt to drag Lebanon into new phase of confrontation
Tuesday, Jan 02, 2024

NNA - Caretaker Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, on Tuesday condemned the explosion that occurred in Beirut southern suburbs, resulting in casualties and injuries.

He stated, "This explosion is a new Israeli crime aimed at inevitably dragging Lebanon into a new phase of confrontation, following the daily ongoing assaults in the South, resulting in a significant number of martyrs and wounded individuals."

Mikati further added, "This explosion undoubtedly aims to implicate Lebanon, serving as a clear response to our efforts to keep the specter of the ongoing war in Gaza away from Lebanon. We appeal to the concerned nations to pressure Israel to halt its targeting. We also caution against the Israeli political establishment resorting to exporting its failures in Gaza towards the southern borders to establish new facts and rules of engagement."

He then emphasized, "Lebanon remains committed, as always, to relevant international legitimacy, especially Resolution 1701. However, it is Israel that has breached and surpassed it, as it remains unsatisfied with the level of death and destruction. It is evident to all that the decision of war rests in Israel's hands, and it is imperative to restrain and halt its aggression."

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister held discussions with the army leadership and concerned security agencies to ascertain the details and circumstances surrounding the explosion.

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