PM Mikati asks Arabs not to forget Lebanon, but to preserve it

NNA - Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, asked "the Arab states and the world not to forget Lebanon, but to disassociate and preserve it."

Mikati's remarks came while representing Lebanon in the Second International Humanitarian Pledging Conference for Syria in Kuwait which started on Wednesday in the presence of Kuwaiti Emir, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, prime ministers and foreign ministers of a number of Arab and foreign countries.

He stressed that the Syrian turmoil had repercussions on Lebanon, confirming that "Lebanon needs humanitarian aid to solve the Syrian refugees' file, as well as to activate the Lebanese economy.

Mikati said that Lebanon has carried the biggest burden of the displaced Syrians, in terms of the numbers of displaced people or for the small size and population.

"Lebanon, people and government, demonstrated fraternal solidarity and sympathy with the tragedy of the displaced," the PM asserted.

Mikati said that the continuous Syrian influx affected the Lebanese economy, in which the number of Syrians has become a quarter of Lebanon's residing population.

"It is an urgent need to find a solution to this influx," Mikati asserted.

He called on the International Community to respond to the countries hosting refugees and seriously take the idea and set up safe camps inside Syria.

At the end, Mikati thanked Kuwait and all the other donor countries, hoping that efforts would succeed in reaching a political solution which would end the Syrian crisis and the Syrian people's sufferings.

PM Mikati launches report on handling Syrian crisis’ impact

NNA - Outgoing Prime Minister Najib Mikati urged the international community not to allow Lebanon's humanitarian attitude toward the Syrian displaced undergo a setback.

He said that this would destroy humanity in the world and the statements on human rights would be nothing but hollow mottoes.

Mikati spoke today at the Grand Serail while chairing the launching of the sixth report of the Lebanese government's plan to handle the Syrian crisis' impacts.

The event took place in presence of the UN coordinator in Lebanon Derek Plumbly, EU Ambassador Angelina Eichhorst, UNDP representative in Lebanon Robert Watkins and UNHCR representative in Lebanon Jean Paul Cavalieri.

"Following the assessment of the socio-economic impact of the Syrian crisis on Lebanon, a roadmap was developed in cooperation with the World Bank and the UN on the interventions that can help restore stability. We now have a list of programs to reduce the impact of this crisis," he affirmed.

Mikati explained that since the outbreak of the crisis in Syria, Lebanon adopted the dissociation policy. However, he said that Lebanon has failed to implement this in terms of the humanitarian side, especially following the unprecedented displacement phenomenon on its territory.

"We are about to enter the fourth year of the displacement crisis. According to available figures, Lebanon hosts over 830,000 registered displaced at the international organizations," Mikati said.

The Prime Minister added that these refugees settled in border areas and suffered poverty and lack of development.

In that respect, he said that Lebanon needs around 1.850 billion dollars to help refugees, affirming that the international community has provided more than $ 840 million requested by the fifth report of the Lebanese government.

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