Mikati: President to be elected when regional atmosphere is cleared out

NNA - Maronite Patriarch Mar Bechara Boutros Rahi received on Thursday in Bkirki former Prime Minister Najib Mikati who wished that this holiday would bring with it good news for the families of the kidnapped military personnel.

He also wished a President of the Republic would be elected soon in Lebanon.

"During the meeting, we talked about the current situation in Lebanon and the efforts undertaken by his Beatitude to elect a new president. I say efforts because there is no specific initiative but efforts with various parties, publicly and away from the spotlight, to facilitate the election of a new president," Mikati said.

Asked if he was still pessimistic about the impossibility of electing a new president in the coming days, despite the delegates' activity, Mikati said "we will have a new president, but not in the coming days or months, because this matter needs time, until the situation in the region gets clear."

Pertaining to the case of the military hostages, the former Prime Minister congratulated Salam on the road map that has been mentioned recently to resolve this issue, yet wondered "why we waited that long (four months) to come up with a road map?"

Tackling the presidential elections file, Mikati said "the Lebanese need to be aware that this country is for all of us, and we have one ultimate goal which is the interest of the nation that brings us all together."

"Unfortunately, some parties are connected to foreign sides and comply with orders from abroad, adding to the fact that Lebanon is part of this region. Thus, we cannot talk about solution in Lebanon in a region shaken with tension and with continuous attempt to find solutions to its complex issues.

Mikati prods Hezbollah to withdraw from Syria

NNA - Former Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, urged Hezbollah to withdraw its troops from the Syrian battle field, calling on the Lebanese to work hand-in-hand on fortifying the nation by means of adopting a dissociation policy from foreign developments.

Mikati had been on a two-day visit to the German capital of Berlin during which he partook in the "Berlin Foreign Policy Forum 2014".

"The people in Lebanon are sharply divided over Hezbollah's political approach. Hezbollah has a political and popular weight, as well as representation in the Lebanese government," Mikati said, but insisted that the Party withdrew from the Syrian conflict and practiced a self-distancing policy instead.

"This is the approach I adopted in my previous government," the Former Prime Minister reminded.

Taking part in a work session titled "The Middle East: In the Eye of the Storm", Mikati made an intervention in which he described to his international audience the simmering situation at the Lebanese local scene in light of the Syrian crisis and its ramifications on Lebanon. He also shone light on the huge influx of Syrian refugees which remains burdening the country by the day.

"This displacement has led to stressful effects on the overall Lebanese economic and demographic formula and basic infrastructure. The Lebanese cannot continue to bear the burden of this situation without the support of the international community, which we implore to play a more active and productive role in this area," Mikati said.


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