Mikati from Baabda: Independent Center Bloc did not nominate anyone to head government

NNA - Former PM Najib Mikati announced, after meeting President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, that his bloc, the Independent Center, did not name anyone as head of government.

Mikati said after the meeting: "Finally, the binding consultations, that we were calling for, took place and during the fifty-day period we noticed how things developed as each day of delay cost a great deal on the economy and social conditions of all Lebanese. In the Independent Central Bloc, which will soon participate in the consultations, we discussed this morning the issue of naming and set standards for the Prime Minister who is ready and who has expressed his willingness to take on this difficult task. And the criteria are the capabilities of this person, his attendance, and his representative capacity. Frankly, despite my personal respect for the two subjects, we did not find anyone with these specifications, and therefore we did not name anyone and veiled the designation".

Replying to a question Mikati said "With all my respect for people and my friendship with them, in this period we need an exceptional person with an exceptional team. I do not want to frustrate the hopes of the Lebanese, but I have doubts that none of the parties can take over at this stage".

"We are not talking about the Sunni or Christian cover, and I remind you that Prime Minister Hariri asked to delay consultations because the Lebanese forces and the Free Patriotic Movement refused to name him, and therefore this matter should be a message that we are not satisfied with the name that landed by parachute" Mikati stated.
Replying to another question the Former PM stated "It is the path of things which determines the name, and if the designation is all of one color, then it will be a Government of one color. As for the comparison between the conditions for forming my Government and the current conditions, it is not suitable, because the situation is much more difficult, and I remind you that I spoke about capabilities, attendance and representation. You must compare to know how the conditions are different".

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PM Mikati announces cabinet’s resignation
Friday, Mar 22, 2013

NNA - Lebanon's Prime Minister Najib Mikati has announced the resignation of his cabinet, citing divisions on several issues, and called for the formation of a national unity government to rescue Lebanon.

"Today, I announce the resignation of the cabinet in the hope it will open the way for a solution to the major political blocs to take responsibility and come together to bring Lebanon out of the unknown," Mikati said at a news conference at the Grand Serail on Friday evening.

Mikati's resignation came hours after President Michel Sleiman had adjourned the cabinet session, a move that was triggered by a sharp political rift between Ministers over the formation of an elections supervision committee, as well as some minister's utter refusal to even discuss the extension of ISF chief, Ashraf Rifi's mandate.

In his resignation address to the Lebanese, Mikati said the country's mounting political crisis could only be resolved via National Dialogue.

"There is no salvation for Lebanon except through dialogue that can pave the way for the formation of a salvation government," the outgoing Prime Minister said.

He went on to recount the times when he had previously contemplated resignation.

"I decided to resign twice during my mandate. Once over the conflict-ridden issue of funding Lebanon's dues toward the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, and the other was following the assassination of Information Branch Chief Brig. Gen. Wissam Hasan," Mikati said, hoping his third and final resignation would get both sides of the Lebanese political divide to share equal responsibility seeking means to salvage the nation.

Mikati formed his 30-member cabinet on June 13, 2011, months after the collapse of former Prime Minister Saad Hariri's government and in the wake of the uprising in Syria.

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