They destroy...We build back...We re indestructible optimists
Tuesday, Aug 08, 2006

"They destroy, we build back… We're addicted to hope"

Prime Minister Fouad Siniora received Najib Mikati in the Grand Serail. The two men discussed the issues of the day and the latest developments following the Israeli aggression on Lebanon and the efforts for an immediate ceasefire.
Premier Miakti said following the meeting that he was honored to meet with Mr Siniora, discussing the resolutions of the Security Council, hoping for a positive outcome to the country.
"Mr Siniora was happy to learn of my wish to rebuild the Madfoun Bridge at my own expense. I shall put this in an official request to the Ministers, to liaise with the respective authorities and proceed with the task the soonest possible".
"I chose Madfoun Bridge because of its significance to us Lebanese in general and to the northerners in particular. I want to underline here that the North will always be linked to the rest of the country. I wanted to stress that Lebanon, regardless the aggressions, will forever remain united, with all Lebanese living in harmony and peace".

Work began with the Azm wa Saade Association to remove the rubble and prepare the site for rehabilitation.
The Association had commissioned Dar Al Handassa –Taleb and co- to liaise with the respective Lebanese authorities to prepare the engineering plans for the operational and technical programs to rebuild the bridge.
Works were undertaken by day and night. The rubble was removed, and the site was made ready.

Madfoun Bridge reopened.
Najb Mikati stated: "The will to live is stronger than death. The will to build is stronger than destruction. Israel wanted to destroy our country by breaking up communication between the Lebanese.
It is the duty of every Lebanese to abort this plan. This is why I took the initiative on 8 August to rebuild Madfoun Bridge, for its significance to us all as Lebanese in general and northerners in particular. I wanted to stress the importance of the North, that it will always be linked to the rest of our country, symbolizing our indestructible unity.
I am thrilled to know many have followed suit in alleviating the suffering of the Lebanese citizen. I see individuals, societies, and associations stressing on the need to rebuild and initiating similar projects of reconstruction.
I remember on this occasion, and with great sorrow, our innocent victims who fell under the Israeli attack on Madfoun. Their innocent blood make us adamant in our unity and cooperation, under all circumstances and with all issues.
I call again for us all to engage in dialogue, for it is the only means to solve conflict, bridging us together towards rebuilding our country on firm ground".

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