Electoral Law

Najib Mikati laid down a ‘suggestion package on basic guidelines for a bill on parliamentary elections’. The bill was later presented to the National Commission for Electoral Laws on 19 September 2005.

In the proposed package, Premier Mikati announces the number of deputies to remain unchanged, with equal seats for both Christians and Moslems. Half the number of those deputies would be elected on the basis of proportional representation and the other half by majority vote.

Candidates will run taking into account denomination, demographics and regional specifications, with guidelines set to give all candidates equal opportunity based on meritocracy. Elections will be held on the same day across the country with an effective computing system and an autonomous body supervising the electoral process. 18 year-olds and above will be eligible to vote.

The new package proposes to segregate parliamentary representation and ministerial portfolios. It also recommends that the mandate of parliament not to be extended or renewed.

To view the draft law:

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