Youth Development

Najib Mikati feels the anxieties of the younger generation in today’s current economic and political atmosphere. He is aware the younger generation is despondent and insecure, fearing an uncertain future where degrees seem to be no longer a vehicle for achievement and prosperity, but rather a means to emigrate in search of better living.

In his belief that no winning solution is possible without the participation of the younger generation, Premier Mikati urges the young to remain in Lebanon, guided by their aspirations and ambitions, to work together towards a positive change for the future.

Premier Mikati acknowledges that change cannot take place overnight. He believes this should start in schools and universities, where problems are solved through dialogue, through debate, and with the democratic exchange of ideas towards genuine toleration and the acceptance of the other.

This would enable the younger generation to effectively play an important role in national, social, and humanitarian development, boasting Lebanon’s political life with a youthful political class, endorsing much-needed creative and inspired reform.

On another front, Premier Mikati plays a pivotal role in encouraging competitive sports, where perseverance and teamwork help develop both a sane, able, mind and body. He supports the ‘Tripoli Club’, the celebrated soccer team of his hometown, providing training grounds and facilities.

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