Lebanese Abroad

Najib Mikati undertakes regular visits abroad, meeting with members of the Lebanese communities the world over. He listens to their views, relaying their opinions and concerns to the authorities back home helping to bridge the gap and to keep alive the attachment of the Lebanese to their mother country.

Meeting with the Lebanese community in Saudi Arabia – 14/5/2005 (excerpt)

“I will not pretend to be idealistic and ask you to leave everything you have here and go back home. You country needs your support and assistance from wherever you may be right now. As far as we’re concerned, we’ll do everything in our power to create a suitable environment for you to return to your homeland. Our duty and responsibility is to do exactly that. Only then will your return be voluntary, convinced that the prevailing climate is suitable to bringing up your children towards a better future”.

Meeting with the Lebanese community in Brazil – 9/5/2005 (excerpt)

“Lebanon’s survival doesn’t depend only on Lebanese living in Lebanon, albeit highly qualified and skilled. It depends also on its expatriates around the globe. Lebanon expects their loyalty to their ancestors and to the blood flowing in their veins. Be as Gebran said: “Never say what my country did for me, but rather what have I done for my country”. This beautiful saying was adopted the world over, not least by the late US president John F. Kennedy. Let your contribution in building your mother country be effective at all levels, commensurate with your skills and qualifications”.

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