Bridging Gaps


Najib Mikati believes in remaining equidistant from every issue. He sees that, when conflicts threaten, the responsibility of the true Lebanese is to be forever present to speak out the truth. This is based on his firm conviction that Lebanon can only strive not by seclusion but by the union between all its inhabitants.

Premier Mikati stresses that the country was built on consensus, that no one can obliterate this equation because it is indeed the very foundation of Lebanon. To ignore would be to ignore Lebanon itself, its mission and its image to the world. It is therefore crucially important to engage in dialogue.

He says that throughout the difficult phases Lebanon had to face, and at every instance, there was no foregoing dialogue- one came to debate things and to end in acceptable compromises.

Therefore, he prays for dialogue among all Lebanese, so that all obstacles are safely crossed. He says we are powerless in the face of regional and international conflicts and therefore we have to be fully aware of the dangers facing us. He draws attention to the negative effects on the country, with future generations assuming the sad and heavy consequences.

Premier Mikati reiterates that the role of Lebanon is that of a meeting point between East and West and a haven for freedom and democracy in the Middle East. He underlines his belief that Lebanon will very soon reclaim its leading role of tolerance and the acceptance of the other, the protection of human right, and the freedom of speech.

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كلمة الرئيس نجيب ميقاتي خلال مؤتمر القمة العربية في البحرين