Najib Mikati believes in giving back to society, helping the underprivileged while safeguarding their dignity. In 1988, guided by deep faith and with true commitment to continuing efficient institutional activities, brothers Taha and Najib Mikati founded the Azm wa Saade Association, named after their late parents.

The Association seeks to establish specialized centers for various social services, strengthening communal values and civic identity. It provides comprehensive health services in Tripoli in Northern Lebanon, and beyond, with full medical assistance to the chronically ill. Similarly, it offers handicraft classes and educational support through financial aid both at school and university levels.

Its charity work ranges from nutritional guidance, to clothing, and environmental, cultural and to sports activities, namely the "Tripoli Club" football team, all helping to improve the social fabric.

Its workshops teach the Holy Koran and Islamic culture, alongside religious publications of books and pamphlets. Special attention is paid to environmental issues, with the construction, restoration, and furbishing of mosques, all contributing to raising awareness of Islam.

Urban development sees communities benefiting from the restoration of facades in traditional neighborhoods in both metropolitan and rural neighborhoods, and from the continuing rehabilitation of leisure and work areas.

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كلمة الرئيس نجيب ميقاتي خلال مؤتمر القمة العربية في البحرين