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Mikati holds series of meetings at Grand Serail
Thursday, Feb 02, 2023

NNA - Caretaker Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, on Thursday chaired a series of meetings at the Grand Serail, devoted to tackling educational and health dossiers.

In this context, Caretaker PM Mikati chaired a meeting of the "Educational Rescue” Committee, attended by Caretaker Minister of Education, Dr. Abbas Al-Halabi, former MP Bahia Hariri, President of the Lebanese University, Dr. Bassam Badran, President of the Universities Association of Lebanon, President of Saint Joseph University of Beirut (USJ), R.F. Salim Daccache, and the Director General of the Ministry of Finance George Maarawi.

Following the meeting, Caretaker Minister said Al-Halabi: "We discussed issues that lead to saving the academic year in public and private schools and Lebanese and private universities. The Director General of the Ministry of Finance was called to attend to discuss financial issues related to the requests and demands of public education teachers and contractors, the demands of Lebanese University professors, contractors and trainers, as well as that of private universities’ professors. It was agreed to set a plan in preparation for holding a cabinet session specifically dedicated to saving the academic year.”

Regarding the date of this session, the Minister said: "Very soon, to be announced by Premier Mikati."

The Minister underlined the paramount importance of saving the school year as an essential step to saving the educational system in Lebanon.

Caretaker Premier Mikati also met with a delegation of the Lebanese Pharmacists' Syndicate, headed by Dean Joe Salloum, who said after the meeting: “We touched on the concerns and problems of the pharmaceutical sector in Lebanon and that of the pharmacists’ sector, which is an essential sector in the health system.”

Mikati also received a delegation of the Lebanese University (LU) contractual professors, who raised with the Premier their relevant concerns and demands.

Mikati later received Mufti of Jbeil, Sheikh Ghassan Lakkis, who urged after the meeting all Lebanese parties to rally around the Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, and the government, in order to facilitate the affairs of the Lebanese citizens.

The PM also met with Caretaker Industry Minister, George Boushkian, accompanied by a delegation from the Zahle District Municipalities’ Committee, who discussed with the Premier their relevant demands and obstacles facing the work of municipalities.

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