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Mikati: Beirut Port reconstruction national, economic priority; investigation into port explosion will resume for justice
Wednesday, Mar 13, 2024

NNA - Caretaker Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, on Wednesday delivered a speech during the announcement of the presentation of Beirut Port’s reconstruction and development plan.

Mikati began by commemorating the souls of the victims of Beirut Port explosion, expressing hope for God's mercy upon them and solace for their families.

The PM then highlighted the significance of the meeting amid challenging times for Lebanon, under the continuous Israeli aggression.

“The plan, prepared and completed by the French government, aims to revitalize the vital facility to support the Lebanese economy and its recovery,” Mikati said.

Acknowledging France's unwavering support for Lebanon, the PM emphasized the historical and strong ties between the two nations. He praised France's consistent support across various sectors, considering it crucial as France represents the heart of the international community, comprising our Arab brothers and friends worldwide.

Mikati further recalled French President Emmanuel Macron's solidarity visit to Beirut and the port shortly after the devastating explosion in August 2020 and a subsequent visit in early September 2021.

Regarding the reconstruction efforts, Mikati assured that the project, supported by France, would swiftly proceed to implementation, either through external contributions or port revenues. He expressed optimism about its realization, emphasizing the importance of resuming the investigation into the port explosion to ensure justice.

Highlighting the national and economic priority of revitalizing and rebuilding Beirut Port, Mikati underscored its significance as a vital artery on the Mediterranean and into the Arab world. He pledged to keep Beirut Port a beacon for the country, fostering collaboration with other Lebanese ports.

Mikati extended gratitude to the port management for their diligence in development efforts and revenue generation. He also thanked the Minister of Public Works for his dedication to the project's success, expressing hope for its imminent execution. Lastly, he expressed appreciation to France for its continued interest in Lebanon's welfare.

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