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Mikati receives invitation to attend Arab summit, chairs ministerial committee meeting on social protection strategy implementation
Wednesday, Mar 27, 2024

NNA – Caretaker Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, on Wednesday accepted an invitation from Bahrain's King Hamad Bin Issa Al-Khalifa to attend the 33rd regular session of the Arab League Summit, scheduled for Thursday, May 16.

Prime Minister Mikati welcomed earlier today Bahrain's envoy and Ambassador to Syria, Wahid Mubarak Sayyar, who delivered a message from the Bahraini monarch. The message expressed warm regards and wishes for health and prosperity to Lebanon and its people. It also extended an invitation to Mikati to participate in the upcoming summit, highlighting the importance of his personal contribution to the summit's deliberations, especially given the challenging circumstances facing the Arab world.

Mikati then chaired a session of the ministerial committee responsible for overseeing the implementation of the national strategy for social protection.

The committee discussed the mechanism for implementing the national strategy for social protection, focusing on the management of the Syrian refugee crisis and presenting developmental projects related to social and sustainable development.

For his part, Minister of Social Affairs Hector Hajjar emphasized the need for each concerned ministry to be a focal point for implementing the strategy in its respective institutions. The meeting concluded with an agreement to hold a meeting to develop a working mechanism between ministries, technicians, and the supporting committee from UNICEF.

Regarding the coordination of responses to the Syrian and Lebanese situations, a detailed presentation was made on the assistance programs for both Lebanese and Syrians. In light of this presentation and the surrounding regional circumstances, an agreement was reached to prepare a joint paper and hold a meeting next week to unify the Lebanese state's position in facing all risks at the Lebanese level.

Prime Minister Mikati later met with Minister of Justice, Henry Khoury, to discuss ministrial matters.

Additionally, Mikati received the Secretary-General of the Democratic Gathering bloc, MP Hadi Abu al-Hasan, with discussions focusing on the latest political and security developments in the country, especially the situation in southern Lebanon, in light of the Israeli aggressions, including the recent heinous crime against the Islamic Medical Association in the town of Habarieh.

Separately, and in the presence of Caretaker Minister of Tourism, Walid Nassar, Miss World runner-up, Miss Lebanon Yasmine Zaytoun, and her family met with Prime Minister Mikati.

After the meeting, Zaytoun said, "I was honored to meet His Excellency the PM for the second time in two years, and I am very proud and grateful for the gesture of the Lebanese government. After my meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, today I visited the Prime Minister's office, which is currently the highest site in Lebanon. I heard very kind words from His Excellency Prime Minister Mikati, who entrusted me with responsibility. We discussed future projects and how this can help, especially since I was able to represent Lebanon excellently, and this is just the beginning."

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