Mikati addresses cabinet over regional, national developments
Tuesday, May 28, 2024

NNA - Caretaker Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, on Tuesday delivered a comprehensive address during the cabinet session, highlighting recent regional and national developments.

Mikati began by emphasizing the significance of several recent events, including the Arab Summit held in Bahrain. He noted the international community's interest in Lebanon, as demonstrated by the recent Bahrain Declaration, which reaffirmed Lebanon's principles and the government's commitment to them.

The PM also highlighted Lebanon's participation in the Eighth Brussels Conference on Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region, where Lebanon presented a clear and specific plan to address the Syrian refugee crisis within its borders.

Regarding Lebanon's political landscape, Prime Minister Mikati acknowledged the presence of various political factions with differing visions and ideologies. He underscored the importance of listening to all sincere voices within the nation, emphasizing national unity and diversity.

Moreover, Mikati condemned the ongoing Israeli aggression in southern Lebanon, expressing solidarity with the Lebanese people in the face of continued attacks. He also praised the efforts of the Lebanese Armed Forces and security forces in maintaining security and combating destabilizing elements.

On the international scene, Mikati highlighted Lebanon's diplomatic efforts, including discussions with the Prime Ministers of Spain, Norway, and forthcoming talks with the Prime Minister of Ireland. He expressed appreciation for their countries' official recognition of the Palestinian state and stressed the need for immediate efforts to convene a peace conference and reaffirm the principles established in the Madrid Conference.

Touching on local cultural achievements, the Prime Minister celebrated the recent designation of Tripoli as the Capital of Arab Culture for 2024. He commended the efforts of Minister Mohammad Mortada and expressed gratitude to the Arab Ministers of Culture for their support. Prime Minister Mikati pledged to continue collaborating with cultural, intellectual, and artistic entities to make Tripoli a vibrant center for cultural and social activities.

Mikati finally emphasized the responsibility to preserve Lebanon's cultural heritage, particularly in light of recent developments such as the recognition of the Rashid Karami International Fair as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. He underscored the importance of utilizing this site to fulfill its national function while adhering to artistic and legal standards.

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